Tamarindo Take Two


Day 0: Travel A four a.m. wake up call had us at the airport in plenty of time for our 7 am flight to Toronto. Eight checked bags and two flights later we arrived at the Liberia airport. Oddly enough, a woman travelling alone with her two children … [Read more...]

The Ides of March 2013


This snowy mid-March morning has me all over the map. I open one browser window only to remember something else I wanted to do. The next thing I know I have 10 tabs open and can't remember where I was or why I was on any of them. It's one of those … [Read more...]

Granada Nicaragua: Cue the Three-Legged Dog


Everything is less expensive in Nicaragua relative to Costa Rica. We had heard stories of extreme poverty and those who come here regularly to renew their Costa Rican tourist visas (you need to leave the country every three months for 72 hours), … [Read more...]

Granada Nicaragua: One Less Place to See Before…


This is a long account of a stressful but rewarding day. I've tried to split it into chapters to make it legible. Chapter 1: Family Trip Yesterday we set off for Nicaragua. We hired a tour company to take us. Derek and I value our marriage and … [Read more...]

Mom and Dad’s Travel Stories: Sixty-Somethings on a Scooter

Mom on dunes

My mom and dad travel a lot. Someday I'd like to travel like them. I think my mom should start a blog about her travels since we always get interesting email reports of their adventures. They often go on group walking/hiking/cycling/skiing trips to … [Read more...]