Feta, Roasted Beets, Raisins and Seeds in “My Favourite Things” Salad

Do you see the brown edges on the lettuce? I pretended I didn't.

As usual, our Mother's Day brunch this year was at my mom's house. In our signature control-freak kind of way, the women in our family take responsibility for our own Mother's Day brunch. This year we each brought something so it really didn't amount … [Read more...]

Midday Tuesday – A Bit about Nothing

Doesn't he look like he's learned his lesson?

I have so much blog material percolating this week; there may even be a post a day. This is Lil C in a time out for punching his brother in the face this morning. I just told Derek that I like iceberg lettuce.  I bought it this week and I so … [Read more...]