Hasta Luego Spain. Hello London.


Before you go on, click on this link and have it ready to read when you're done here. And while you're at it, why not like the Inspired Bodies Facebook page so you can follow along with me on Project 4-Oh. Our trip has been better than I … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: More Excuses & Kids on the Run

First soccer game; first goal; first high 5 from Coach

Unfortunately, life is not leaving much time for blog writing, and thus this is my ONLY post this week. I hope you are all able to stick with me while I get into my new busier routine. The family business is growing and thus my work responsibilities … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: It’s That Time of Year Again

Beach picnic

Time for outdoor sports (soccer and t-ball begin this week), sweaty, tired, happy children, and increased appetites being satiated with picnics at the beach. Running Rundown Everything is posted in km. For those of you who only do miles, 1 … [Read more...]

Nutrition Tidbits: Coffee is Good for You (and Me) and More

A couple of interesting facts I gleaned from my weekend and early Monday morning reading. I'll save the best for first: 1) A Swedish study associates coffee drinking with a decreased risk of stroke in women. Oh yeah! I don't usually like to take one … [Read more...]

Lil C Is on a Diet Starting Tomorrow

This is what he would think of my plan

I'm putting Lil C on a diet. No, he's not overweight or overfat or obese. He is simply fueled by sugar and fat. The child rarely eats anything that is not sweet. I thought of it as one of his quirks. This weekend I noticed that he was barely eating … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: Request for Input on Exercise-Induced Asthma in Kids and Treadmill Running

I've got a couple of questions today and I'd love for you to share your experiences. Exercise-Induced Asthma in Kids: In early January, I noticed that every time Lil D would start running (which is often) he would start coughing. Depending on his … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: Small Ball

Lil D participates in a basketball program through our local community centre.  It's the only basketball program in this end of the city that caters to children as young as five years old. Derek loves basketball.  He plays four times a week in … [Read more...]

Style Tuesday: Another Regular Feature – Playroom Final Photos

View from the door; still looks cluttered to me but it is a playroom so I'll get over it

I wish I were a better photographer, but not enough to really do anything about it. Last week I introduced Fitness Friday to Fit for a Kid.  This week I am starting Style Tuesday as a regular feature.   On Tuesdays, I will write about absolutely … [Read more...]

Would You Serve These to Your Children for Breakfast?


These were in the "Breakfast Cookie" category on Cookie Madness. They are yummy.  I made them tonight for tomorrow morning's breakfast. Here's the recipe: Loaded Breakfast Cookies (adapted from Cookie Madness) Makes 36 … [Read more...]

Fall Kids’ Physical Activity Update

We call this one "Eye of the Tiger"

When school started for the boys in September, I was concerned about the probable decrease in their physical activity.  They would be going from summer days full of day camps and sports to school days spent quietly working.  I wrote this post about … [Read more...]