The bartenders who have been serving us at least once (or thrice) a weekend across the street from our condo (have I mentioned it is available for rent?) at Langosta Beach Club, told me this evening that my children −they actually singled out Lil … [Read more...]

Queque de Banano (Banana Cake)


There are many things "banana" here. They are abundant, delicious, portable and super-duper cheap. Every corner store and coffee shop carries some form of banana cake. I found the recipe below on a traditional Costa Rican cooking … [Read more...]

NYC Maybe; Montreal Most-Likely

Excited, nerdy me walking down the road to the first day of Spanish school; my hair appeared less unruly in the mirror

I have officially entered the lottery for the New York City Marathon 2012 lottery - thanks to a little nudge from a comment on a past post on Facebook. I am expecting it to be a fun run, not a fast run and therefore I must also challenge myself … [Read more...]