Arribada: Turtle Nesting in Playa Ostional


I happened on a Facebook post with a picture of lots of sea turtles on a beach. A little research, another FB post offering rides to see "la arribada", and I  knew we had to go. What is the arribada, you ask? Well, literally translated, it is the … [Read more...]

Costa Rica Beach-town Style


This post was inspired by these six tips on bringing out your Costa Rica-sexy. While some of them apply to those of us living in coastal towns, others just are not feasible, even for the most daring Tica (never mind us uptight Gringas). So, I've … [Read more...]

You Win Some; You Lose Some

At the end of this post you will find a clip of the "even Steven" episode of Seinfeld. It pretty much sums up last evening for our family. We arrived at the Bingo fundraiser at the boys' school at 4 pm. The (hot) gym was filled with round tables … [Read more...]

Tico Tuesday: The List


A year and a half ago we were preparing for 6 months away. I blogged about Costa Rica on Tuesdays and kept a running list of my preparation to-do's. Life is a little different now, and given the length of our trip, I have had to being preparing … [Read more...]

The Ides of March 2013


This snowy mid-March morning has me all over the map. I open one browser window only to remember something else I wanted to do. The next thing I know I have 10 tabs open and can't remember where I was or why I was on any of them. It's one of those … [Read more...]

On the Move Again: Back to Sun, Surf and Spanish

signature xo

It's official. We are on our way back to Costa Rica. Come August, we will be packing away the winter clothes and packing flip flops. Guanacaste, here we come. I keep getting the question, "Why?". My answer is four-fold: 1) Weather - this … [Read more...]

Derek Sums It All Up

unicycle man

Derek posted this to Facebook on Thursday evening. Enjoy his perspective:Heading back home after an awesome 6 months in CR. It's been a great ride, met a ton of cool people, many who moved here in search of a better life for their kids than their … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday: Fall Running


As you read this we are, gods of the airs willing, safely and swiftly on our way home to Ottawa. Derek may or may not be medicated beside me and it may or may not feel to me like I am taking care of three children instead of two. We won't arrive … [Read more...]

A Typical Weekday for Us in Costa Rica


At some point I promised a few posts about life here that I haven't delivered. The description of what life here looks like for us on a daily basis is below. It's truly not that different than it is in Canada from moment to moment. But … [Read more...]

A Quintessential Costa Rica Moment


The anecdote below illustrates today's "what I will miss about Costa Rica" perfectly. So, let's get that out of the way before I tell you the story. When we leave, I will miss the sense of personal freedom one perceives watching people go by … [Read more...]