Family Freedom Project

tamarindo sunset

It's official - the Family Freedom Project is born. I will be posting most family travel and lifestyle posts over there from now on. Please join me: From time to … [Read more...]

How do you do that?


This is my favourite place to write, but wow, it has been a long time since I've had a chance to sit down and type anything in this space. My fingers have been flying fast over the keyboard in many other online spaces, but I miss this one. And I miss … [Read more...]

I started writing a story…

Three years ago I started writing a story. It was our story of living our life, our way: a life by our design - purposefully shaped and molded to fit our needs and desires rather than those set out for us by any set of expectations, be they those set … [Read more...]

Today’s Scorecard: Costa Rica vs Canada


Today was one of those days that reminded me there are pros and cons to living in any country. Period 1: 8:25 am (9:25 am EST): Call to a Canadian government agency tells me in a stern recorded voice that I must call during business hours which … [Read more...]

Fruit Diaries


The problem with winning writing business is that I have to do the work. This takes time away from fun things - like blogging, which is one of the ways I stay connected with all of my friends up north. Speaking of y'all... I loved all the … [Read more...]

Funny, Frustrating or Pura Vida

fitness reserva

I waited till this story was a "fait accompli" before posting this for one simple reason: I wanted to keep it off my dad's mental worry list. He likes to tell me how he has checked something off his list - so dad, this one can go right onto your list … [Read more...]



Sometimes I forget what time of year it is. It just dawned on me that since we our celebrating our TENTH anniversary tomorrow, we must also be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. This year I am thankful … [Read more...]



C's Homework 1. Bring lime home from school garden 2. Make limeade 3. Drink limeade It was too sour; apparently I was stingy with the honey. Derek and I made Micheladas with it instead.   … [Read more...]

A First After Ten Years


On Saturday Derek and I will celebrate ten years of marriage. This morning, for the first time in our marriage, Derek managed to surprise me. He had planned an early anniversary celebration while the kids would be at school. 6 am: "Clear you … [Read more...]

Arribada: Turtle Nesting in Playa Ostional


I happened on a Facebook post with a picture of lots of sea turtles on a beach. A little research, another FB post offering rides to see "la arribada", and I ¬†knew we had to go. What is the arribada, you ask? Well, literally translated, it is the … [Read more...]