Mood Swings

This week I felt sad. On Tuesday I had the kind of sadness that makes your husband be extra nice to you.

I’m not sure why I felt sad, but it was a draggy, heavy, teary kind of sadness that made me reach out to my oldest friends and start planning the reunion trip we’ve been talking about for ages.

I imagine the sadness was brought on by our imminent flight away from this beautiful country, and also by a foot injury that I was sure was going change my whole life.

In my mind, the inflammation in my metatarsal joint, bone, whatever, was going to mean that I was going to have to start swimming or worse, cycling. I was going to have to cancel all my races this fall. I was going to have to change everything!

Wednesday I worked out with a trainer here. We modified the workout to avoid stressing my foot. I iced like crazy and got great advice from my friend and virtual podiatrist Brynn. If you live in Palo Alto, CA, go see her!

I felt a little better but I was still considering all my other activity choices, maybe I could become a dedicated yogi like the old days, or I could just become a grouchy couch potato…

Thursday the discomfort was no longer there when I walked.

This morning I tested my foot during an hour-long run on the treadmill. No pain.

Suddenly all was right with the world. My post-run strength and conditioning workout was amazing. My energy level skyrocketed and the real me was BACK.

And after that, the day just kept getting better.

I had a delicious seaweed salad lunch with a friend, picked up my two little monkeys at school, and had my Friday ritual Michelada at sunset with friends.

Today marks one week until we leave for Canada. On each of the next seven days I’m going to post at least one thing I’ll miss in Costa Rica and one thing I’m looking forward to in Canada.

Let’s call it balanced reporting.

I just asked Lil D to participate in this, but his answer was straightforward and definitive:

How could I know if I’m not there yet?

So, it’ll be just me.

My entry for today:

When we leave, I will miss Friday night happy hour complete with people to chat with, sunset, the ocean and Micheladas, right across the street from my home.

When I get back to Canada, I am looking forward to standing outside without breaking a sweat, blow drying my hair straight, running on the beautiful endless bicycle paths throughout Ottawa, chatting with friends around the neighbourhood, and my lunch date with 2 girlfriends the day after we get home.

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